Monday, May 23, 2005


Just returned to suburban Philadelphia from eastern North Carolina. For two weeks in North Carolina I had to suffer through "pledge week". When you're addicted to NPR, this is very painful. Then, back in Pennsylvania, I tuned in to the local public station and, guess what? Another pledge week ordeal. Torture.

During these drives, you get to hear endless pleading from station people you never heard of. They even drag in radio show hosts and reporters that you admire, which threatens your continued allegiance. With today's technology, you would think that there is a way to pay your member dues right away and then receive your programs without further annoying interruptions.

Woody Allen once claimed that the ultimate punishment for misdeeds would be months in a cell with a life insurance agent. Contending for first place as a punishing experience would be the same months with radios tuned in to constant pledge week solicitation.


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