Friday, April 13, 2007


As - let's hope - the furor and unrelenting coverage of the Imus affair dies down, let me add a parting thought to those expressed earlier. I still think that the firings amount to overkill, as stated:

"And when generals and other high officials get away with reprimands or less for such actions as permitting Abu Ghraib or lying about Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman or Iraq's connection to 9/11 or nuclear materials, cancellation of Imus in the Morning would be overkill."

Yes, Imus' remark was reprehensible and deserved some punishment. However, it was obviously not serious. Just think of the result if Imus had stopped to think and had disowned and apologized a few moments after utterance. No firestorm, no terminations. It would be clear that Imus is not a bigot or racist.

However I do understand the terminations, although they would have been more sincere and pristine if done right away instead of after pressure from advertisers and the usual preachers, as well as those genuinely offended. It is just a shame that there will be so much collateral damage, to charities, to millions of viewers, and to the public good by removal of a voice that constantly attacked political and other wrongdoers


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