Tuesday, November 27, 2007


What a group of presidential candidates! All support a backward policy against gays in the military, some would end the income tax, most support unregulated gun ownership, most oppose sensible policies on illegal immigration, and one won't condemn waterboarding.

Do they think we need all those guns to protect against the threat of gay marriage?

TRUTHINESS Ever since Stephen Colbert invented the word and concept of “truthiness”, its use and the use of derivative words have become widespread. Its interpretation and application varies. It can mean closely approaching the truth, or it can mean the truth as decided by the user, somewhat similar to the claims of the Bush administration that it creates its own reality.

In a New York Times article about fashionable watches that don’t tell time, one being just a blank space on a fancy watchband, the trend was called a move to “watchiness”Other actual or suggested derivative uses are “uniqueiness”, “smartiness” and “global warminess”

Now that President Bush has downgraded the objectives in Iraq, seeking only a state of accommodation, we might apply the term “successiness”


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