Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Semantics of Affairs

It's annoying that the media keep referring to the extramarital activities of people like Tiger Woods as "affairs". An example might be an actress who had "affairs" with 3 of her last 4 leading men. Or a husband who picked up a woman on a business trip.

In my view, an affair is " a romantic or passionate attachment" of some duration. Not a just a f___, or "quickie". Here's a recent example:

"Nikki Haley Denies Second Rumored Affair" responding to -

"South Carolina lobbyist Larry Marchant said Wednesday that he had a one-night stand with Haley during a 2008 trip to Salt Lake City for a conference on school choice."

Media: Even though a bit tricky, call it what it is!

Related is misuse of the word "mistress" A common definition is :"a woman other than his wife with whom a married man has a continuing sexual relationship, often with continuing financial support" A night with a cocktail waitress does not make her a mistress.


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