Saturday, January 04, 2014


Legalizing Marijuana

In a recent column, David Brooks criticizes the Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana use. If we were starting out; with little or no marijuana availability and use, I could agree. It would not be wise to introduce a legal supply of marijuana.

But marijuana has long been available and in use. The main problem has been the criminalization of its use, leading to prison terms, often disproportionately for members of minorities. On balance, it is better to permit and regulate its use.

Brooks also predicts a plunge in prices resulting in more widespread use. Well, so far, that has not happened. Prices in Denver have reached $400 an ounce.

But it is likely that those living in Colorado will not long tolerate such prices. Marijuana is so easy to grow that having one or two plants at home would easily provide an adequate supply.


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