Saturday, November 20, 2004


November 19, 2004. In Drober, Pennsylvania, another controversy has arisen regarding science curriculum in its public schools. It developed after the Drober School Board instituted, this Fall, a segment on astronomy as part of the middle school science course.

Now, at the urging of a dedicated group of activists, a sticker has been placed on the texts dealing with astronomy. The sticker says, in effect, that the findings of astronomy on the movement of the stars and other heavenly bodies represent just one theory. It states that students should keep an open mind regarding astrology and its time-honored tenets.

In the October Board meeting, a shouting match developed between Board Chairman Elias Marner and the two dissenting members, Alice Mercer and Ron Smith. The row became ugly when Elmer Slade, President of the local chapter of the National Astrology Association, charged the speakers platform. Ms. Mercer and Mr. Smith have since resigned.

After the meeting,in a radio interview, Mr. Slade gave credit for his successful sticker campaign to the support of creationists, who have deep concern with science texts that attempt to deal with the heavens.


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