Monday, September 11, 2006


Today, we all pause and think about the lives lost at the World Trade Center and the sorrow inflicted on the families. Remember, how the world responded to our loss? World leaders expressed sympathy and condolences; private citizens from around the world made telephone calls and sent e-mails. The world was together with the United States. And our political world was poised to become bipartisan and cohesive.

So where are we now? Sure, President Bush has become skilled at memorializing. And even though he restricted attendance at yesterday's wreath laying to the Republican political leaders, I'm convinced that he is sincere. However, for the rest of the year and for elections he and his party have shamelessly politicized that fateful day. This disgusting performance by the Republicans, along with their political arrogance and demonizing of the opposition, has created the most divided society within memory.

As for the world, the foreign policy arrogance and the misguided and mishandled invasion and occupation of Iraq have destroyed the good will and respect our country enjoyed.

Obviously, the terrorists succeeded in forcing us to spend time and money for our homeland security. This is necessary and important. However, the terrorists' greatest victory is the re-election of George Bush, the President who has been such a foreign and domestic disaster for our nation.


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