Monday, October 23, 2006


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That may be True


Rome October 22, 2006 - The Vatican announced today that Barack Obama was one of
three candidates Pope Benedict XVI considers worthy of sainthood. Thus, begins the process of further examination of the life of the Illinois Senator for eventual elevation to saint.

Reporters questioned the Vatican spokesman, Cardinal Sanducci, raising the point that Mr. Obama was not even a Roman Catholic. Cardinal Sanducci noted that the Senator was clearly a man of great goodness and that, given his background, he could bring the message of common good to Asia and Africa, as well as to the United States. It was also clear that Mr. Obama also does extraordinarily well in promoting inclusiveness and faith to audiences and talk show hosts around the world.

Reporters asked whether or not this action was perhaps premature since Barack Obama had not even been President as yet. Cardnal Sanducci responded that this was considered a plus and that, in fact, a U.S. presidency would constitute an automatic disqualification.

Some observers noted the Mr. Obama's life had not been totally exemplary and that he had said that he may have even tried "a little blow". Others dismissed Mr. Obama's statement as just a political move to get some street cred.

According to Europe United Press, it was later learned that the suggestion for sainthood consideration came,along with a substantial donation, from the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation.


  • Why do people mix religion and politics. Not a good combo. Let Obama be in office a little longer and I'm sure the saint thing will go away.

    Maybe the catholic church should stop worrying about who is a saint and fix their issues with kids being raped.

    By Anonymous Politics, at 8:45 AM  

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