Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Some of the News
That may be True


Noveber 19, 2006 It was reported today that, during his stay in Vietnam, President Bush met with high level Vietnamese government
officials to discuss any parallels between the conflicts in Vietnam and Iraq. He cautioned that the atmosphere at the
Conference should not be poisoned by suggestions of similarities. During the meeting, the President apologized for his
failure to visit Vietnam earlier during the first six years of his administration.

In fact, Mr. Bush noted, he was surprised and disappointed that he had not been sent here in the early '70s, after he had
joined the Texas Air National Guard on the understanding that it would soon be deployed to South Vietnam. Aside from
his desire for combat, he had heard that Saigon was a swinging city, full of bars, music, drugs, and women. Even better
than New Orleans.

An anonymous source explained the six-month period when there was no record of Mr. Bush's service. He was on a
secret mission in Alabama trying to form a special unit, the Alabama Rangers, for an extra hazardous mission that was
later aborted.

It was during his meeting with these government officials that President Bush first realized that a major difference
between the Vietnam and Iraq conflicts is that there are no movies about Iraq.


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