Sunday, November 12, 2006


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Allen Selected As New Head of RNC

November 12, 2006 At a morning press conference at RNC headquarters, it was announced that, on January 1st, former Senator George Allen will replace Ken Mehlman as chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Earlier this week, Mr. Mehlman announced his retirement from that post. RNC officials noted that that he had long planned to leave after the mid-term elections and that the unfortunate election results were not a factor in the decision. Mr. Mehlman stated that he had not made any long-term career plans but that his immediate project was completion of the book “Washington Lifestyles” that he is co-writing with Bill Maher.

In connection with his selection, Senator Allen was required, as was Howard Dean for his appointment as DNC chairman, to forego his planned candidacy for president in 2008. Mr. Allen said that this was not a difficult decision, since he had come to the conclusion that being president would not leave him enough time to spend with his family and his ranch.

At the close of his brief remarks, Senator Allen noted that he was looking forward to matching wits and campaign strategy with the incoming chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Ned Lamont.


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