Wednesday, February 14, 2007


On and off the floors of Congress, Republicans make at least 2 claims that make no sense.

"If we don't succeed over there, the terrorists will attack us over here." Or, as Mr. Bush said in his 2/14 press conference "If we fail there, the enemy will follow us here"

Do they really believe that terrorists are waiting for some Iraq outcome before trying to hurt us here? If we "win" in Iraq, can we then let our guard down?

"If we fail in Iraq, Al Qaeda will be established in Iraq."

Putting aside the fact that our invasion first brought some Al Qaeda to Iraq, we have little to fear if more are present. If more of them come, let them deal with the civil war there. And what will they gain in Iraq, use of all the nukes and other WMD that are there?

Republicans also claim that end the war resolutions undermine the morale of the troops. I doubt that most soldiers are affected greatly by Wahington politics. And if you ask them if they would like to see the end of the occupation and come home, guess what they would say.


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