Friday, February 09, 2007


The first important gathering of Democratic presidential candidates in an early primary state will take place on February 21sr in Carson City, Nevada. The Forum is sponsored by the Nevada Democratic party and the municipal employees union.

Senator Barack has elected not to participate. His campaign manager, Dan Pfeiffer, said that the Senator could not work this event into his itinerary.

Candidates Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Richardson, and others managed to clear their schedules to attend the Forum. It is the first opportunity to meet with their rivals on the campaign trail. For Obama to skip this event seems just short of madness. Absent an absolutely overriding reason, fully explained, many prospective voters may wonder whether Senator Obama is not ready for such a confrontation or thinks that he is above the fray.

For someone who favors Obama, having read both of his books, this decision is most disheartening. For a candidate new to the public eye, who expresses his wish to bring his message of change, hope, and consensus to the nation, to miss this early opportunity makes us wonder about the wisdom to be expected during his campaign.


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