Sunday, January 14, 2007


In syndication now is an edited version of the award-winning series, The Sopranos. It is doing quite well. Here is a typical scene:

(Paulie bursts into Tony's ofice)

Tony: What the devil do you want, Paulie?

Paulie: Johnny Sacks says he needs to have a sit-down with you.

Tony: Now, what the dickens does that fellow want?

Paulie: You know that rogue is always trying to muscle in on our dock operation.

(Chris walks in and accidently knocks over Tony's coffee cup)

Tony: Oh shucks, look at that mess.

Paulie: Chris, get over there and clean it the heck up

Tony: Tell that mama's boy Sacks that I'll meet with him as soon as he gets that
cock-a-doodled-do Blinky off my rear end.

Paulie: By golly, I will.


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