Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Some of the News
That may be True


January 16 - In a press release today, the Barack Obama campaign headquarters announced the
formation of a search committee to select the best possible candidate to serve as Vice President
in the Obama administration. The release noted that the intense demand for change required that
the Senator begin planning for a speedy start to his Presidency.

At a contemporaneous briefing, Obama communications director Judy Halliday noted that Senator
Obama has been known throughout his political career for his ability to see and plan for the future.
Accordingly, the move to get a vice president ready was not premature. In response to questions of
whether this action might be seen as a sign of overconfidence or, possibly, arrogance. Ms. Halliday
again noted Mr. Obama's desire to move quickly toward change in Washington. She also pointed out
that the major starpower of Senator Obama and the magnitude of the receptions at his appearances
made election virtually certain.

Leading candidates to head the VP search committee were said to be former senator Dick Gephardt and fromer minority leader Tom Daschle.


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