Friday, April 13, 2007


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Wolfowitz Finds New Position for Imus

Following his successful placement of his friend, Shaha Riza, World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz undertook the task of finding a new job for radio host Don Imus. Mr. Imus' contracts with NBC and CBS had recently been terminated and he was in need for a new platform for his message.

Taking advantage of his connections with the U.S. government, Mr. Wolfowitz has successfully placed Mr. Imus in a major position with the Voice of America. This newly created position will feature Mr. Imus in a daily news program to be called "Imus to the World" While the format has not been completely designed as yet, the program is expected to include interviews with politicians, celebrities, and TV pundits, as well as American country music.

The Imus program will be simulcast on radio and TV.

While details have not been released, the contract negotiated by Mr. Wolfowitz is said
to be by far the most lucrative for any Voice of America employee. The content of one provision has been made public: Mr. Imus is required to direct his offensive language only to enemies of the U.S., such as islamists, and to bureaucrats employed by the World Bank.


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