Thursday, February 07, 2008


Romney Drops Out of Presidential Race

The nation may well be ready for an African-American president, or a female president. It is just not ready to elect an android.

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean said he doesn’t want the Clinton-Obama race continuing into the party’s convention in Denver, saying the candidates should “make some kind of an arrangement” if neither has enough delegates to win the nomination.

So, will he force one to withdraw, or push for a joint ticket.? Because of age, if nothing else, that would be Clinton/Obama. With Obama as Vice President, we might witness some of the most stirring tributes ever at funerals for world leaders and other politicians. The worry is that Mr. Obama may be so inspiring that the politician may rise from the dead.

Top Taliban Commander Captured

This good news can be added to the many news reports that the 2nd in command of al qaeda had been killed.


  • Great Blog I always enjoy the commentary, it is very informative and entertaining.

    I was wondering if you or your readers knew a good place to find an easy, simply read place to find out where the candidates stand on global warming.

    I saw the earthlab poll and it is obvious that people care but the candidates websites have so much other information it is hard to find what I need with out being preached at. also has candidate information that’s pretty good: . Does anyone know of another website to find this information? Any other good resources where we I can find out how my candidate votes?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:40 PM  

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