Thursday, April 10, 2008


China Issues Olympic Statements

Decrying attacks on the Olympic torch in the cities of London, Paris, and San Francisco, the Chinese Olympic Committee announced that the torch run route would be changed. The torch will now travel to Darfur, the Congo, Basra, and Baghdad before proceeding to Beijing.

In a separate statement, the Committee denied reports that the Olympic gold medals would be 38% lead.

News Corp. May Join Yahoo Bid With Microsoft

Yahoo executives, marketing consultants, and web designers are meeting with Murdoch to consider changes to the Yahoo front page. There is agreement on the masthead:

YAHOO - Honoring the Legacy of George W. Bush

Other entries under consideration are:

The Wall Street Journal (link) - The World's Newspaper

The Iraq Nation - a story of success

The Pat Robertson Page

Television: Fox News - the Really Balanced Network (link)

Politics: The Perfidy of the Democrats.

The Rupert Murdock Story - Pathway to Greatness p


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