Thursday, March 09, 2006

Republican Candidates

Some polls show former NY mayor, Rudy Giuliani, leading the pack for nomination to run for President in 2008. He has also been anointed by TV host Chris Matthews. Senator John McCain occupies second position and both are far ahead of other prospective candidates.

The strong showing by Mr. Giuliani is perplexing. He earned this prominence by his stalwart performance following the 9-11 attacks on buildings in his city. But now, in the interim of almost 5 years, his main claim to fame has been his recommendation of his friend and colleague, Bernard Kerik, for the important and sensitive position of Director of Homeland Security. Mr. Kerik turned out to be a person of questionable ethics and financial dealings and the nomination had to be withdrawn. And before, during his mayoral term, his success regarding law and order was offset by frequent public disputes, civil liberty problems, and confrontation with art museums.

Whatever Mayor Giuliani's qualities, as a divorced person who recognizes abortion rights and gay rights, he cannot win a Republican nomination. So no ideal campaign, Rudy vs. Hillary.

On the other hand, Senator McCain seems to have clear track for the nomination, assuming that, as expected, he chooses to run. I wonder if Karl Rove will say that Mr. McCain has anger issues. Or whether Mr. Rove will campaign for him in South Carolina.


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