Sunday, February 18, 2007


Why is it that we see and hear from "senior" correspondents such as Senior White House or Pentagon Correspondent? I hope that at some point the news shows will give us the views of some of their better " junior" correspondents.

Tony Snow : "" I'm not so sure anything went wrong" in Iraq (later narrowed on Meet the Press). When Tony Snow is not sure about anything, I worry. I rely on him for certainty.

News Item - "GM in Talks to Buy Chrysler." Why, is Tucker Motorcars not available?

In last Wednesday's press conference, Bush claimed that he can't judge whether Iraq is a civil war while "living in this beautiful White House." His lovely surroundings haven't kept him from starting a disastrous war and now sending more troops to Iraq. We'll be quite glad when he is relieved of the burden of this beautiful house.

Is it true that many are saying that they would vote for Barack Obama if only he were black?

Mitt Romney: - "We need to have a person of faith to lead the country." So a Druid or Islamist might well qualify, but no atheist could?


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