Monday, February 27, 2012

Bombings. A number of incidents where Afghan soldiers kill their NATO trainers. Accidental burning of Qurans; Obama and generals apologize; yet thousands riot,destroy, and kill. Afghan security forces identify the Afghan who shot 2 NATO officials inside ministry building; yet President Karzai says the culprit may have been a Westerner.

These people are crazy; let's just pack up everybody and leave.


  • Very understandable reaction but....
    I heard a very impressive former ambassador to somewhere on the radio recently arguing that we must not repeat the mistake of 1948. For non-Americans 1948 was the year that we abandoned Palestine. We had run the place under a League of Nations/United Nations mandate for many years but by 1948 we were getting tired of being in the middle. The Zionists (who invented modern terrorism) were making life miserable for our 150,000 soldiers and administrators and so were the Palestinian Arabs. Tired by the exertions of the Second World War and irritated by the refusal of the warring parties to live together we effectively said, "F*** you both, we're going home" We walked out without reaching any final settlement with the parties and the place has been on fire ever since. This ambassador was arguing that the number of British soldiers dying in Palestine was actually quite small and that we could have sustained the losses for many more years to the eventual benefit of ourselves, the world and the inhabitants of Palestine. His view was that we are in grave danger of walking away from another potentially disastrous situation and that the price of sticking it out may be much less than the price of abandoning the place to its fate.

    By Blogger Hugh M, at 8:33 AM  

  • Good point, Hugh. Maybe I'm just pissed and exasperated. But maybe Afghanistan is ungovernable. It certainly has been completely hostile to occupiers.

    We do have to stay in the region, deterring Al Qaeda,watching over Pakistan. But building a viable state there may be impossible.

    By Blogger Homer, at 8:51 AM  

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