Wednesday, April 30, 2008


While campaigning in Florida, Hillary Clinton defiantly sent out new signals Wednesday that she might take her fight for the nomination all the way to the party’s convention in August.

First, Hillary held a "victory" rally in Florida, claiming a "win" where
there was no contest. Then,she flip-flopped on her prior position that FL
and MI votes should not count.

Her claims to the results in these states are spurious, whether or not
Obama was on the ballot. When you are a Clinton, with a background of the
presidency and decades in the public eye, of course you will get the most
votes when your opponent has not campaigned.

So let the delegates come to Denver and divide the votes evenly.


Compared to the Reverand Wright melodrama, it may seem like small potatoes, but Obama's opposition to the McCain- Clinton campaign proposals to grant a summer tax holiday from the federal gasoline tax is just a significant step as his denunciation of Wright.

True, the savings to automobile owners is small compared to the price of gasoline. True, the logic in favor of foregoing this summer gimmick is clear: to conserve energy we should be discouraging driving not the reverse. But the real significance of Obama's stand is his refusal, in a time of intense campaigning, to go along with the political pandering by his rivals.

Let us hope that the taking of this position portends the type of presidency that Obama may bring us.


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