Friday, September 13, 2002


Philadelphia Radio Station Broadcast 7 o'clock Monday night 9/9/0

"Mother and daughter murdered in their home in South Philadelphia. The search
for suspects after football tonight"

Priorities, priorities

Tuesday, September 10, 2002


Bush Appeals for His Domestic Security Plan - NY Times

The President insists that he must have special powers to handle the employees of the
proposed Department of Homeland Security. Otherwise, veto.

Certainly, security is of paramount importance, and quick action is needed in emergencies.
However, there has been no explanation of how those "bureaucratic" rules that apply to other
agencies impede such action. Mr.Bush maintains, however, that he must have the "management
flexibility" to hire, fire, transfer, and reward employees of this Department. Without this flexibility,
the Department will not be "efficient".

All well and good. But what does this say about the rest of the Federal Government?
Would the President suspend workplace rules in order to make other agencies effective
and efficient? Maybe that goal is just not important for the State Department, Treasury,
Education, IRS, or FEMA.