Thursday, August 16, 2012

Congratulations, Chuck Todd!

The other day on his MSNBC morning show Chuck Todd did what few interviewers do. He corrected inaccurate statements made by a guest.  When his guest, a Republican governor, used Romney campaign talking points that  are supremely misleading or blatant lies, Todd said "No, that's not true, Governor" and stated the correction

The subject here was the Federal work requirements for welfare. At the request of several governors, some Republican, the Obama administration has issued some waivers from these rules. The Romney campaign has made the demonstrably  false claim .that President Obama is weakening the work requirement. Clearly, this is a lie because as a condition to such waivers the states must increase employment of welfare recipients to a level at least 20% more than the rules would obtain.

After Chuck Todd made the correction, the Governor repeated his assertion using different wording. Again, Todd said that this isn't true and the Governor again rephrased the misleading claim. Todd gave up, thanking the Governor for his appearance on the show.