Friday, April 27, 2007


The Democratic candidate debate last night at South Carolina State was interesting and well-run. Questions were good, answers sometimes evasive but generally responsive, and no surprises, glitchs, or gaffes. Sort of no runs, hits, or errors.

Barack, Hillary, and John Edwards did not lose any front runner status. The others also looked good and performed well but did not dent the existing order. The best response of the evening was Senator Joe Biden's single word answer, "yes", when asked if he could hold his proverbial verbosity in check.

But what's with senators from Alaska? Is there something in the cold water up there? We've often heard Senator Ted Stevens ranting and shouting "No". Now, last night we heard former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel go off the charts in criticizing his fellow candidates and other targets. It is probably good that he made the other candidates seem moderate but I just wonder why some Alaska senators act like our crazy uncles.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Radio host Michael Smerconish to be simulcast on MSNBC in place of Imus

Much as I would like to get Michael Smerconish out of Philadelphia, I fervently hope that MSNBC doesn't give this unrelenting conservative the forum that the Imus show had. If Don Imus were dead, he would be spinning in his grave.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


News Item - BAGHDAD - A wall that U.S. troops are building around a Sunni enclave in Baghdad came under increasing criticism yesterday, with residents calling it "collective punishment" and a local leader saying construction began without the neighborhood council's approval.

Comment - Too bad they can't do that in NYC, erecting a wall between The Donald andRosie.