Monday, September 16, 2002


Hospital bars 3 in terror scare - Philadelphia Inquirer 9/15/02

Three Muslim students have been subjected to Florida justice. On an unsubstantiated statement
from a woman that the men had made "alarming " comments at a Shoney's restaurant, roadblocks were
set up, and they were taken into custody and detained for 18 hours. No evidence of any untoward
activity was found and the students were released Friday to continue their trip to start their training at the Larkin Community Hospital.

That's what they thought. On Saturday, they were informed by the hospital that it would not allow them to
do their medical rotation there. Based on what? A total false alarm and hostile e-mails received by the hospital.
Let us hope that this hospital treats its patients more fairly than it did thse men

The news account did not include any information on what segment of Florida citizenry sent these important e-mails. Perhaps friends of the woman who touched off this drama. Salon reports that the woman said she overheard a statment
that Americans were going "to mourn again on 9/13" It could be that the students were just predicting that Janet Reno would get the right to a recount on that date.