Friday, May 29, 2009


Did Roland Burris try to buy from former g0vernor Rod Blagojevich the Senate seat formerly held by President Obama? Many of the TV talking heads think so. I think not.

Chris Matthews and some pundits cite the FBI wiretap transcript of conversations with the brother of Blagojevich dealing with possible contributions and fund raising by Senator Burris. Burris has not helped his cause by his varying and confusing explanations of the phone conversations. However, he did make at least one good point, how ludicrous it is to think that a $1000 contribution could "buy" the seat.

My view is that the conversation was with the bounds of normal campaign discourse and not "pay to play". Burris could be expected to give support to the governor's campaign. The conversation was convoluted because of Burris' wish to get the Senate appointment.

But two main points. Burris had neither the political or financial clout to "buy" the seat. And, more important, Blagojevich made the appointment, not for any payoff, but as a way to thumb his nose at his critics.


Kavya Shivashankar, 13, Kansas Girl, Wins National Spelling Bee

She won by correctly spelling "laodicean"

It's not fair. She has had all those years of practice, spelling her own name.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"Limbaugh On Sotomayor: "I Want Her To Fail"

Limbaugh thinks that Sotomayor would be a disaster on the Supreme Court; and so he wants her to fail to get there. And he still wants President Obama to fail.

So, who's next? Susan Boyle?