Monday, February 13, 2006


In the White House press briefing, the Washington press corps again showed its mettle. Faced with a major challenge, the reporters again rose to the occasion. The occasion? The accidental shooting by Vice President Cheney of a fellow hunter.

With dogged determination, the reporters pressed Scott McClellan for details of the shooting. They questioned the delay in any notice of the event by Mr.Cheney's office or the White House. Was this an incipient cover-up? When referred to the Vice President's office, they insisted that Mr. McClellan request that that office cooperate.

Certainly, a shooting by Vice President is major news that warranted the relentless questioning. Fortunately, these reporters had honed their skills in pursuing truth and uncovering the misinformation put out by the Bush administration that otherwise might have created massive deficits, hurt the environment, or even led us into an unecessary war.