Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Putin: US Should Set Iraq Pullout Date -

Now, with both Putin and Bin Laden calling for a timetable, the Dems will be too scared to even consider the issue, for fear of being linked with these two

Not that this matters much. With the Democrats having given Republicans painless filibusters by honoring a 60 vote minimum, they can't get anything controveral done.


Just when we thought the world of words was safe again, along comes Alan Greenspan with a new book and a round of talkshows. He returns to explain his decisions, but we're still not sure what he said.

Another apparent comeback kid is Senator Larry Craig. He walks back into the Senates and votes while his attorneys fight to overturn his guilty plea. Since they have Senator Spector's support, I wonder if they'll use a "single-stall" theory.

O.J Simpson is back in the news, this time on a robbery charge. Then we have Britney Spear's return to the stage to perform a comeback dance. (Shirley MacClaine, Gwen Verdon, need not worry). Or maybe Britney never left.

So, who's next - Elvis? But of course he never left.