Thursday, October 23, 2003


Ever since an FBI wiretap was discovered in the office of Philadelphia's Mayor John Street, his lead in the mayoral race against Sam Katz has been increasing. As the investigation widens within the city government and among Street's contributors, his stance as a "victim" has rallied his supporters and pushed his poll numbers ever higher.

Reliable sources report that Katz aides have had several secret meetings with FBI officials seeking to get a wiretap installed in Mr Katz' office, or at least in his campaign headquarters. Campaign advisors are determined that Mayor Sreet should not be allowed to have the sole claim of victimhood.

The Katz request has reportedly been referred to the highest levels. However, talks have bogged down because of demands for concessions by Attorney General John Ashcroft. While Mr. Katz might be willing to contend that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he resists Ashcroft's demand that he become an evangelitical Christian, saying that compliance would truly make him a victim.