Friday, August 22, 2008


Here's an intense hope that Hillary will come through for Obama in her speech and in the handling of the placement of her name in nomination. No roll-call! It would be detrimental and tiresome to have 50 state delegation leaders extol their state and the merits of Hillary Clinton. So she needs to forestall the roll-call by directing her delegates to save their votes for Obama.

But I'm not too hopeful. Her speech in Florida in support of Obama was quite tepid and this excerpt indicates that she still focuses on herself:
“I need a president who will work with me, who will be there for the people I care about, that I get up and fight for every single day.”

It's difficult to believe, or understand, any decisions of Hillary supporters to get back at Barack Obama by punishing the country with an election of John McCain. And why resent Obama? He ran a fair campaign, never denigrating Hillary, despite her denigrations of him. Yes, he did not name her VP, but that was more Bill than Hillary.

So, get over it - elect Barack Obama.


A good selection - experienced, working class roots, Catholic, well liked, good debater. I was thinking Jim Webb- literate & feisty, or Virginia Governor Tim Kaine - charismatic and maybe bringing Virginia. However, I think Joe Biden brings the most benefit to the ticket. This may be inappropriate, but let me quote my post from a month or so ago:

“The Democratic party is blessed with at least three articulate candidates for vice president. Bill Richardson is fluent in Spanish, Chris Dodd is fluent in Spanish, and Joe Biden is effluent in English.”


Loved them - at least the contests I was able to see. The TV scheduling information was abysmal. Partly by diligence, partly by chance, I saw many of the soccer and field hockey games I wanted to see. But was it so difficult to tell the public when events were scheduled to be shown on TV?

The opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular. London should just give up and have its Olympics opened and closed by Wolf Blitzer.