Saturday, September 27, 2008


Most analysts seem to be calling the first debate between John McCain and Barack Obama a draw, or an Obama win. I think not. I think that McCain won by a small margin, particularly by getting away with condescending remarks that Obama doesn't understand this or that and claims that Obama is too inexperienced to be president.

Obama needs to point out "I do understand and fully understand how you and your party ........" He needs to emphasize that "Your experience brought us years of failed regulation that led to our current financial problems and your strong support of the invasion of Iraq brought us the worst foreign policy disaster in generations."

"I always said that, as commander in chief, I would listen to my generals and adjust my Iraq withdrawal plans to suit any compelling condition on the ground."

Instead of saying John is right, say "I'm glad that John has come around to (or agrees with) my position."

"I'm confident that the American people will welcome a president who has the judgment and temperament to lead this country into a brighter future"

If appropriate, "I'm glad that the senator intends to be bipartisan. As president, I may be asking for his vote from to time"

Thursday, September 25, 2008


At the end of the "Morning Joe" show each morning, each of the three regulars makes a tongue-in-cheek statement of what each has learned today. So, what have we learned from the campaigns for president? We have learned that:

You can actually see Russia from Alaska

Ordinary workers at their tasks determine the fundamental soundness of the U.S. economy

Obama's use of "look" to introduce a thought has spread to pundits and other politicians

The negative and misleading ads of the McCain campaign were caused by Obama's refusal to engage in a series of town hall debates

Small town people can be bitter and cling to guns or religion

Hillary Clinton will be ready on day one

McCain has the requisite experience; Obama gave a speech

Obama is a Christian, as far as Hillary knows

Hillary Clinton is from Scranton

Dennis Kucinich is conversant with UFOs

Dennis Kucinich has a gorgeous wife

Joe Biden can give a one word answer

Joe Biden's wife is "drop-dead gorgeous"

Ron Paul is angry, but not as angry as Mike Gravel

Sarah Palin may be kept in Social Security's lock box until the election

Sarah Palin can field dress a moose.

John McCain has heard of the e-mail and the google, but is unaware of possible use of telecommuncations and airplanes between Washington and campaign or debate locations

There is such a thing as credit default swaps