Saturday, July 17, 2004


It's not easy growing old. On a particuler mission, you wander into the kitchen and then wonder why you're there. You read a book in a comfortable chair and nod off to sleep, dropping the book and losing your place. Then, of course, you can't remember what you've read and end up re-reading a chapter or two.

The current presidential campaign brings you face-to-face with another disturbing reality. What are those campaign songs anyway? With a reasonable interest in music you would think some would be familiar. Well. "Johnny B. Goode" does sound familiar, but you have never heard of "Don't Stop Believing".

We need not go back to "Happy Days Are Here Again" but can't we have something like Louis Armstrong's "It's a Wonderful World?"


Kens in the news. Two extremes. First we have Ken Jennings, the young man who is setting records on Jeopardy! for consecutive appearances and winnings. It is heartwarming and exciting to see him in each episode trying to extend his improbable streak.

Then, we have Ken Lay, who was indicted for his actions as chairman of Enron, whose corporate fraud enriched its officers and caused immeasurable damage to its employees and shareholders.