Thursday, November 09, 2006


Some of the News
That may be True


November 9 In a ceremony at the White House, President Bush awarded the Medal of Freedom to Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld. The President praised Mr. Rumsfeld for his long, dedicated, and effective service. In more informal remarks,
Mr.Bush noted how much he regretted the surprise decision of the Secretary to resign since he had expected Mr. Rumsfeld to
continue to serve throughout the remainder of his administration.

The White House issued a statement that President Bush expects Karl Rove to continue to serve throughout the remainder of
his administration.

CBS and NBC announced that they are suspending their Sunday morning talk shows. It seems that, with the election over, it is
proving difficult to get guests other than Joe Biden.

Senator Hillary Rodman Clinton announced that ehe will concentrate only on her work as Senator and that she expects to continue
to serve in the Senate until the end of her term.

Now that the Democrats will have, with the support of independents, control of the Senate, Senator Joe Leiberman's office issued
a statement that Mr. Leiberman is glad to support his Democratic friends and is looking forward to his service as Majority Leader.

Robert Gates is nominated for the office of Secretary of Defense. As Secretary, he will be in position to execute the recommendations
of the Baker-Hamilton Commission for the Iraq occupation. Mr. Gates is a member of that commission.

The Baker-Hamilton Commission denied that there was any truth to a report claimed as a leak of a proposed recommendation.
Although the Commission decries the terrible waste of our money and manpower dealing with the Iraq mess, there is no
proposal to give Iraq to our enemy, Iran.

Wall Street is selling off many telephone stocks since, post-election, phone volume is down by more than 80%.

The Playboy franchise for the city of Memphis was awarded to Harold Ford.

Rahm Emanuel congratulated DNC Chairman Howard Dean on his winning 50 state strategy, stating that it had been wrong to criticize
Dean in any way.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Suppose the Democrats win the Senate by a 1 vote margin. How many chairmanships will they have
to give to Joe Leiberman?

Sunday, November 05, 2006



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Rev. Ted Haggard admitted Friday he bought methamphetamine and received a massage from a male prostitute. But the influential Christian evangelist insisted he threw the drugs away and never had sex with the man.


He had the meth but he never inhaled.