Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oprah May Campaign for Obama

This will be a big plus for Obama, adding to his increasing support among women. I'm sure that Oprah will do well in her role supporting and campaigning for Obama.

She'll do even better if she gives a car to each prospective caucus voter in Iowa.


We Democrats help the Republicans when we adopt their war language, such as "the Iraq war" and :"war on terror".

The war in Iraq is long over; what we have is an occupation, along with an insurgency and civil wars. The war on terror is a security issue, even though we may need at times to go on the offense. This security problem is ongoing, maybe without end, and should not be used to justify use of all types of war powers by the president.


To avoid being considered in recess, the Senate is now meeting on every day following three consecutive days off. Tuesday’s session was for no more than 30 seconds.

I have proposed to my boss that, during my 3-week vacation, I come in for a short time every fourth day so that the 3 weeks will not be counted as a vacation.

Yahoo In Legal Hot Seat For Cooperating With Chinese Gov't

The lawsuit contends that Yahoo provided identifying information about the Plaintiffs, in violation of the privacy agreements and assurances made to the Yahoo’s customers and users, that led to their arbitrary arrest, indefinite detention and torture. Yahoo had acceded to the Chinese government to provide this information.

Comment: Too bad that Yahoo doesn't have President Bush and his Republicans to give it immunity.