Wednesday, May 04, 2005



Bagdad May 4,2005 Affronted by rejection of proposed Sunni candidates to cabinet posts, Sheik Yawar, the Iraqi government's top ranking Sunni, today threatened to mount a filibuster against nominees for remaining ministry posts. His threat, made during the ceremony swearing in the appointed government officials, highlighted the bitter disputes that have delayed the formation of an effective government.

At a brief news conference, Ahmad Najata, a spokesman for Sheik Yawar, was pressed to justify such a move as a filibuster. He responded by noting the extreme views of the nominees, including support of legislation that would ban public hand holding by Arab men.

Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari dismissed the filibuster threat, saying that it could be defeated by an adroit parliamentary move. He declined to call it the nuclear option.

Unlike filibusters in the U.S., Iraqi filibusters are typically accompanied by gunfire.