Friday, February 01, 2013

Election 2016

There is a somewhat of a parallel with 2008. Then, the inevitable candidacy of Hillary Clinton was derailed by the emergence of Barack Obama, a gifted, intelligent young man who seemed destined to become our first African- American president. He was, perhaps, the only person who could have prevented her nomination.

Now, Hillary Clinton, with four years of stellar service as Secretary of State added to her prior outstanding record, is considered a lock for 2016 should she decide to run. Thus, she becomes an insurmountable roadblock to any aspirations of Joe Biden, who has been serving admirably and effectively as Barack Obama's vice president

Monday, January 28, 2013

French and Malians Move to Timbuktu
"Timbuktu", an historic and beautiful name. There are many other cities whose names are quite beautiful, although some are not successful or enticing, or even real. Here is a subjective list of just a few of them:
Istanbul   Mogadishu  Kinshasa Islamabad  Mandalay  Addis Ababa
Cuernavaca Acapulco  Fortaleza  Monterrey  Shangri-La  Portlandia


Renaldo gets hat trick.  In next game Messi scores 4.