Saturday, June 16, 2007



McCain - Has been impressive in showing passion in response to debate questions. Perhaps too hyper in making his points.

Giuliani - Mr. 9/11 having trouble explaining his pro choice stance. Conservative voters and many NY firefighters won't vote for him.

Romney - Looks good but too smooth by half. With his flip-flopping record, he better not go windsurfing.

The Others - Mike Huckabee personable and shows great skill in getting talk show bookings, but will evolution make him a better candidate? Tancredo will get the vote of Lou Dobbs, but few others. All have trouble getting questions at debates.

Conclusion - Fred Thompson still looking good from the outside.


Hillary - Composed, competent, and cool. Probably will win nomination and would be good president. But, with high negatives, may be the only viable Democratic candidate who could lose.

Edwards - Another fine candidate, but probably can't get top spot on the ticket. Too bad he ran for VP last time, which undoubted precludes his acceptance of that position.

Barack Obama - Only hope to wrest nomination from Hillary and best hope for real change as president and outreach to the world. Needs to show more passion to get nomination.

The Others - Dobbs has best presidential hair and, I gather, best Spanish. Richardson is latino and has great ads, but seems to get no traction. He or Biden for Secretary of State - great talkers. Gravel in Al Sharpton role but with less wit and substance.

Conclusion - My vote is for and Edwards/Obama ticket. That's Elizabeth and Michelle.