Wednesday, January 06, 2010


A nationally-known politician will be caught cheating on his wife

A celebrity will enter rehab.

The U.S. will not win the World Cup

Wall Street will prosper; Main Street won't

Israel and Palestine will not sign a peace treaty

A talk show host will publish a book

Michele Bachmann will say something incredibly stupid

Sarah Palin will say something (on the way to the bank)

TV will bring us "breaking news"

A brave dog will save a child

Sanctimonious Joe Lieberman will draw attention while undermining

Republicans will put defeat of Obama ahead of country

Democrats will mess up legislation with individual agendas

Some Democrats will fail to support Obama because of timidity or special interests

Obama will fail to put LBJ-like pressure on recalcitrant Democrats

Climate change legislation will not easily sail through Congress

Dick Cheney will emerge to issue undue criticism of Obama

Obama will give an superb speech; Repulicans will trash the speech

We will have Madness in March

The NBA season will eventually end