Monday, August 11, 2008


Some of the Newa
That may be True


In a heated press conference held earlier today, Russia Prime Minister Putin responded forcefully to international criticism of its military "peacekeeping" efforts in Georgia. He rejected any imposition of sanctions and insisted that Russia had every right to take action to protect its own security. He singled out John McCain and as the source of unwarranted criticism and threats of sanctions

Putin cited internal intelligence reports about the presence in Georgia of weapons of mass destruction, possibly nuclear. He said that Russia took action because of imminent danger and that his troops were now combing the country in search of WMD.

The Prime minister also noted that, because Georgia was relatively weak and defenseless, there would be no need for a coalition of the willing.


The Obama campaign announced that Barack Obama will go to the Olympics to take part in the presentation of the gold medal to the U.S. basketball dream team and to meet with China President Hu Jintao. In response to reporters' questions, campaign spokesman Bob Burns maintained that this trip could not be deemed pretentious since Obama might well have been a member of an earlier version of the dream team had he not been so busy working as a community organizer and serving as president of the Harvard Law Review.

After his China trip Obama is scheduled to fly to Moscow to confer with Russian Prime Minister Putin about the Georgia crisis.


Always sensitive to the age factor, McCain strategists noted the success of two visits by the candidate, one with former president George H.W. Bush and the other with the Dalai Lama. According to an inside source who declined to be named, these advisors noted that both photo ops made the candidate look good and almost vigorous, even though the Dalai Lama is just about a contemporary of Senator McCain

To take advantage of such photo opportunities, the campaign has begun to search for other older celebrities to make appearances with Senator McCain. The first approach was to Senator Harry Byrd, who, although a Democrat, readily agreed to meet with his long-time friend and colleague. Also being scheduled are newsmen Mike Wallace and Daniel Schurr, Helen Thomas, and South African leader Nelson Mandela.

Pressed by reporters, the strategists denied that they are trying to make the candidate look relatively young by comparison and insisted that the focus was on the advantages of experience and wisdom. However, this did not explain why they, noting the impact of photos of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, were diligently trying to arrange for appearances with Phyliss Diller and Elaine Stritch.



"Rising oil prices will leave the Iraqi government with a budget surplus of as much as $79 billion by year’s end..."

United States

"...the exploding federal budget deficit ... is projected to more than double in size this year to $389 billion ...".

"Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the first detainee convicted after a war crimes trial in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, could complete his punishment this year..."

Were there any war crime convictions at Nuremberg for drivers or chauffeurs of the Nazi war criminals?