Wednesday, July 10, 2013


As I've been saying  ...

The Decline of North Carolina

Monday, July 08, 2013

Tarnishing a Good Stste

From Rob Christensen:  "For decades, North Carolina prided itself as a middle-of-the road state, electing moderate governors of both parties. Such stable, moderate governance was considered good for business. ....

So how does the current legislature’s agenda fit into the state’s image of a modern, moderate state where a smart 21st-century executive would want to invest?
Anti-gay laws? Shariah legislation? Guns in bars? Some of the worst-funded public schools and worst-paid teachers in the nation? Shrinking the once proud University of North Carolina’s budget? Harsh anti-abortion legislation? The list goes on."


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Spitzer to Return to New York Politics in Comptroller’s Race

Great!  Spitzer as NYC Controller, Weiner as NYC Mayor .  How about Jon Corzine for Governor?