Friday, October 03, 2008


I wouldn't bet on slime-free debate. McCain has a nasty streak that may lead him to repeat the recent sleazy attacks by his campaign. Meanwhile, surrogates, Fox news, and Palin broadcast the lies and innuendos.

Portraying Obama as a man of mystery is beyond belief. The man has written two forthright books about his life and his beliefs and political philosophy, attended two U.S. universities, served as President of the Harvard Law Review, has been in politics for over 10 years. and survived grueling primaries.

I hope that the American people will not fall for these unwarranted and unsubstantiated attacks.


Who was that Republican VP candidate last night? Where was the bewildered, stumbling Sara Palin who was interviewed by Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric?

My theory is that the person who did those interviews was not the real Sarah Palin but actually was Tina Fey.

Whoever it was in the debate, she did well. She was direct, informed, assertive, and engaging. She spoke directly to the TV audience and clearly went a long way toward erasing the image of the clueless interviewee. Certainly, she did not have the command of facts as Joe Biden and often was not responding to the question asked, but she far exceeded expectations and recaptured much of her initial appeal.

For his part, Joe Biden was properly respectful and avoided gaffes, condescension, and interminable answers. He showed that he was obviously more qualified to serve as vice president, or even president. and to that extent "won" the debate. However, Sarah Palin survived to fight another day.

But do I miss the Alaskan valley girl? You betcha.