Thursday, March 01, 2012

What's the matter with Kansas?


The latest bill -- which is scheduled to be discussed by a legislative committee for a second time on Wednesday -- contains a number of provisions which would give the state one of the most sweeping anti-abortion laws in the nation. Among the provisions is one which would exempt doctors from malpractice suits if they withhold information -- in order to prevent an abortion -- that could have prevented a health problem for the mother or child. A wrongful death suit could be filed in the event of the death of the mother.

Other provisions include requiring women to hear the fetal heartbeat prior to an abortion, taking away tax credits for abortion providers and removing tax deductions for abortion-related insurance. The bill also requires that women be told that abortions would increase the risk of breast cancer, a controversial theory that the World Health Organization, the National Cancer Institute and gynecological groups in the United States and the United Kingdom have said is incorrect.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Santorum Candidacy

I wish that all progressive pundits would go easy on criticism of Rick Santorum. We want him to win the GOP nomination. To help the cause, I wear a sweater vest every day.

Monday, February 27, 2012

New GOP-Led Voter Registration Laws Disenfranchise Millions, Especially Ethnic Minorities

Is there no way to mount a legal challenge to this concerted attempt to impede voting by certain groups? Not an easy task but worth a try to preserve the democratic process. (I think that conspiring e-mails could be found showing the real intent.)

Bombings. A number of incidents where Afghan soldiers kill their NATO trainers. Accidental burning of Qurans; Obama and generals apologize; yet thousands riot,destroy, and kill. Afghan security forces identify the Afghan who shot 2 NATO officials inside ministry building; yet President Karzai says the culprit may have been a Westerner.

These people are crazy; let's just pack up everybody and leave.

"Republicans criticize Obama for apology over Quran burning"

So they're in favor of burning religious books?