Friday, July 24, 2009


Some of the News
That may be True


A news release from the Citizen Research Council today cast doubt on the citizenship of CNN commentator Lou Dobbs. According to the Council's spokesman Roger Smith, the research was prompted by recent support he has given to the "birthers", a Republican fringe group that questions President Obama' s status as a U.S. citizen qualified to be president. The group ignores clear evidence of Obama's birth in Hawaii, choosing to continue to claim serious doubts.

The Council's research revealed that in September 1945 a Lou Dobbs was born in Juarez, Mexico, the son of an American man and a Swedish economist. No evidence was found to indicate that Mr. Dobbs had qualified to be a U.S citizen.

So Lou Dobbs may be a Mexican and, according to security experts, could have a problem getting through the border fence to return to his native land.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am still impressed with Obama's command of the facts and his ability to explain clearly and fully the facts and the issues. What a contrast! But this also means fewer questions from the press. The President can and does give extended answers that take many minutes. So it's good and bad.

I judge the press conference a success. President Obama gave a clear and convincing performance. I would have preferred more emphasis on the public option, more passion, and a more forceful insistence that this reform must be done and must be done right. "Here is what must be done; all Democratic legislators, take notice!"

In other words, the President should put out the message that he will not support Democrats who fail to support him on this issue.