Thursday, April 01, 2004



New York April 1, 2004 The National Association of Sperm Donors filed
suit in the Federal District Court seeking to have The Unborn Victims of
Violence Act declared unconstitutional. Represented by the noted class
action attorney, Ms. Robin Peters, the Association claims that this Act
violates both the Equal Protection provisions of the Constitution and
The Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Members of the NASD had lobbied in Congress and picketed the signing of
this new law by President Bush earlier this morning. According to NASD
president, Harold Rushmore, this civil action is the Association's last
hope in its opposition to an unjust law.

In a brief press conference, Ms. Peters asserted that deprivation of a
sperm's opportunity to attain viability was discrimination in favor of
a fetus. Violence against a sperm must be subject to equal
punishment. Failure to do so would hurt the sanctity of the
marriages of couples depending on the availability of sperm

It was also reported that Ms. Peters was planning to file a class action on behalf of donor recipients. Prior legal victories by this veteran litigator
include record-setting recoveries against fast food chains for
causing obesity by posing incessantly the question, "Would you like fries
with that?'