Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hillary did well. She is a good candidate and would be a good president.

But once again we'll hear that Obama can't win the big states, with many electoral votes, and that this win in Pennsylvania proves it. For Pennsylvania, and probably the others, this argument is specious.

In addition to Hillary's usual 15 year head start, in Pennsylvania Obama faced the formidible Governor Ed Rendell and the Democratic establishment, including the mayors of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and most other cities.

Also, he was not running against John McCain nor any other white male. Hillary benefits considerably from the votes of white women. These women are not going to defect to McCain in the general election. Nor will most other Hillary voters suddenly turn Republican.

So the claim that Obama can't win the big states is nonsense. He can and he will.

In the larger picture, it of course would be important
and beneficial for th United States to elect a competent woman to the presidency. But women have led countries before and such a positive step does not
compare to the prospect of a talented and inspiring black man as leader of the world's major, largely white country.