Wednesday, November 23, 2016

NC election

NC Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, champion of the country’s most notorious anti-LGBTQ law, lost his bid for re-election on Nov. 8—at last count, by 7,448 votes. Yet nearly two weeks later, McCrory still refuses to concede. Instead, he and his legal team are baselessly alleging that the results were tainted by fraud, petitioning election boards to review the results and determine their validity.  His insidious strategy is to delay the formal declaration of a winner—and delegitimizing the voting process—in order to let the Republican-dominated legislature ignore the true result and re-install McCrory as governor for another four years.

Republicans continue to ruin North Carolina's reputation as an admirable, progressive state

NC election


Why is nearly all news now "Breaking News"?   Why not "Crackling News", "Latest News",or just plain "News"?


President-elect Trump has reversed or softened his positions on issues such as prosecuting Clintons, torture, and climate change. But I still think that it would be wise to have round-the-clock medical care for the reasonable Supreme Ct. justices for the next 4 years.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Trump picks Republican team
A team of rivals

My words for Thanksgiving:  "Thanks a lot"