Tuesday, September 04, 2007


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An upcoming report by Gen. David Petraeus on the results of President George W. Bush's troop build-up in Iraq is likely to offer plenty of firepower for both sides to debate in the U.S. presidential campaign.


Why is this this report from General Petraeus? Whatever happened to the Iraq war czar, General Douglas Lute? We certainly don't hear much from him.

Diplomatic efforts are crucial for Iraq and the rest of the middle east. So what happened to our public diplomacy czar, Karen Hughes?

Craig Said to Consider Not Resigning

Senator Arlen Spector has come to Craig's defense, stating that he would be exonerated at any trial. It is widely believed that Mr. Spector would base Craig's legal defense on a "single-stall" theory.


Some of the News
That may be True


Sydney. September 4, 2007 - President Bush released a statement today saying that he had ordered the Secretary of the Navy to cease immediately all actions dismantling the U.S. Navy.

During a brief press conference, Mr. Bush said that he had acted promptly after learning of the disbanding of the Navy. He added that has always been his policy to maintain the operations of the United States Navy. Fortunately, to date only one cruiser and two destroyers had been sold.

In response to a reporter's question noting the existence of President Bush's executive order telling the Joint Chiefs' to take this action, Mr. Bush said he did not remember such an order, adding that "Hadley has notes on that".