Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday President Obama spoke to the House Republicans at their conference and then took questions for over an hour. It was an exciting event at which Mr.Obama showed a masterful command of facts, legislation, and policies. He fielded questions, sometimes hostile, with courtesy,good humor, and,occasionally, telling corrections of the statements of questioners.

No other president, except probably Bill Clinton, could have handled this event with anywhere near the skill and substance displayed.

Most networks and many cable outlets showed the event live and it attracted a huge amount of favorable comment. Fox chose to cut off its broadcast midway - a shame, since Fox viewers are those most in need of this information and instruction.

President Obama has made mistakes in his first year of governance, but we can all be proud and grateful that we have this man in this office at this time.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Some of the News
That may be True


By now, millions have seen on TV the expression on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's face when President Obama stated that the Supreme Court had reversed a century of law and are permitting corporations, even foreign ones, to influence U.S. elections with their money. Commentators uniformly described Alito as mouthing the words "not true" in an unusual breach of secorum.

In an exclusive interview with Supreme Court reporter Linda House, Justice Alito disputed these observations and gave an unusual glimpse of Supreme Court deliberations. The Justice insisted that the words he mouthed were "how true". He was proud of the Court's work in reversing precedent and freeing corporations to spend untold millions to fight the radical Democrats. It was not easy, he said. In addition to those liberal members, he had to contend with arguments by pretty boy John Roberts, Mr. Nice Guy Chief Justice.

Roberts noted that he had repeatedly said in confirmation hearings that he respected precedents and would hesitate to overturn settled law. So what, argued Alito, in those hearings we all said things we didn't mean. Eventually,Roberts came around and of course the Scalia-Thomas team was on board.

Justice Alito concluded "We did it, and I'm glad"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This reference is fast becoming an oxymoron. Or an epithet, used by conservatives, birthers, and right wingnuts to call out any Republican who is not one of them.

So, is "moderate" the new "liberal"?

For years, Republicans have worked to demonize the word "liberal". As a measure of their success, many otherwise liberal Democrats have taken to calling themselves "progressive" or "pragmatic". A once lofty word has become almost a curse.

"Moderate" also had positive intonations. No more for Republicans. Ask Florida Governor Crist, who is now in danger of losing a primary because he is deemed moderate.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama Seeks Freeze on Many Domestic Programs

I'm all for fiscal responsibility and cutting government waste, but I'm worried about this move. So far no discussion of this plan in relation to jobs. Econ 101 teaches that government must spend to combat recession. The stimulus was a help although too small. Let's hope that this is not repeat of Hoover decisions or FDR belt tightening mistakes of 1937.