Friday, March 16, 2007


Some of the News
That may be True

2008 Election Date Changed

This news item was the last straw for the Federal Election Commission:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California jolted the time-tested presidential primary schedule Thursday, moving up its 2008 contest to Feb. 5 and setting the stage for a potentially decisive one-day, mega-primary across the country.

The Commission is now acting to change the general election date to May 5. 2008. In its statement to Congress, released to news organizations, the Commission noted that by February 2008, presidential and other candidates will have been campaigning for over a year. The nominations for President for both parties will have been determined by February 5th so there is no need to wait and endure another eight months of campaigning.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

News Item

In a statement to a military tribunal, Khalid Sheikh Muhammed took responsibility for 31 terror attacks or attempts, including the following:

1. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

2. The 9/11 attacks, from A to Z.

3. The shoe bomber operation to down two American planes.

4. A 2002 shooting in Kuwait that killed an American marine.

5. The Bali nightclub bombing that killed more than 180 in 2002.

6. Planning attacks against several prominent American skyscrapers.

7. Planning to destroy American military vessels and oil tankers.

8. Planning to bomb the Panama Canal.

9. Planning to assassinate several former American presidents, including President Carter.

10. Planning to bomb several New York landmarks, including the stock exchange and suspension bridges.

Somehow he neglected confessing to the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey