Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A House committee has voted to condemn the mass killings of Armenians in Turkey in World War I as "genocide", thus injecting Congress into the fierce debate in Turkey over this issue. This angers Turkey and severely complicates our foreign policy.

Can't this high morality Congress find some other issue to pursue? Perhaps a Civil War atrocity? Or another Terri Schiavo case?


Some of the News
That may be True


In last night's Republican debate Fred Thompson said that President Gerald Ford would never have permitted the Soviet Union to dominate Poland. "Ford was a tough cold war president" added Mr. Thompson.

In response to another foreign policy question from moderator Chris Mathews, Mr. Thompson took a strong stand on Cuba, stating "I will never make any trade or visiting concessions with Cuba as long as Fidel Castro is still president of that nation".

Noting, in this debate held in Michigan, that he had always favored American cars, Mr. Thompson also vowed never to use a pick up truck from a foreign auto manufacturer.



A week ago, the mayor of this carnival-like town, Robert W. Levy, 64, abruptly stopped showing up at City Hall, and his aides issued a cryptic one-sentence news release saying he was temporarily stepping aside to deal with medical matters. He has not been seen in public since, and in that vacuum all sorts of explanations have flourished.

I think that his brother, Raul, should take over.


"House Democratic leaders moved swiftly Tuesday to thwart a tax proposal that would pay for the Iraq war, seeking to avoid the label of “tax and spend liberals” as they head into a spending fight with President Bush."

Don't the Dems want to end the war? How long would this war have lasted if we, instead of our grandchildren, were paying for it? A $1 per gallon on gasoline plus a progressive 5-10% surtax on incomes over $50,000.
could have made a huge difference. At least many of us would have done some sacrificing instead of just the troops and their families.


Some of the News
That may be True

Iran Calls Log Cabin Republicans Terrorists

Iran's President Ahmadinejad announced today that Iran had declared the Log Cabin Republicans a terrorist organization. He called on the UN to authorize strong sanctions because of the organization's continuing efforts to introduce homosexuality into Iran. The President said that this was the greatest threat to the straightness of Iran since the Sodomites' efforts in 200 BC.


In last Wednesday's debate at Dartmouth College, none of the leading contenders would commit to lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18. So they lost all the potential college student vote. And the students will have to continue to refrain from drinking until reaching the designated age.

In contrast to most of the other candidates, Senator Clinton refused to make any suggestion for reforming Social Security.

None would commit to any specific action regarding Iran's nuclear operations.

In fact, it seemed that none of them would commit to ending the first presidential term in 2013.


One of the week's most intriguing and disturbing news is that Senator Vitter, the family values Senator who has frequented prostitutes, has managed to provide a $100,000 earmark to a group which is trying to force creationism into Louisiana schools.

Keith Oberman had an incisive comment about this:
"Senator Vitter — Senator Vitter, tell us again the story of when the Lord created call girls.”

Meanwhile, in New York, members of the United Nations were treated to speeches by two leaders, one who doesn't believe in the holocaust and one who doesn't believe in evolution.